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We are constantly evolving and sharing our vision of contemporary aquatic exterior design and construction.

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Pool Renovation & Remodel | South Florida Pool Resurfacing


Timeless Design is a Myth

It’s true. All design, good or bad, comes with a time stamp. Trends change, materials evolve, and lifestyles transition. What looks amazing today will feel dated tomorrow. That’s why we consistently expand our horizons and strive to be at the forefront of technology, design, and art. Our certified designers come up with unique ideas for each project.

Cookie-cutters are for baking not remodeling a pool or backyard living space. If you are looking for original thinking that weaves together your home’s architecture with the existing landscape, you will like Ike.

Pool Renovation & Remodel | South Florida Pool Resurfacing

Restoration, Renovation, or Reconstruction

Ike’s specializes in creating new dramatic environments, custom outdoor pools, and gorgeous spas. However, we do not always start from scratch. In many cases we can give your current pool a new life or add any number of impressive new features. Sometimes even small touches like adding color

lighting, upgraded pumps, contemporary decking, or energy-saving solar heating can do the magic transforming your aging ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Our remodeling team can handle any scope of work from a full reconstruction to cosmetic compliments. We will work with you to figure out which approach would make the most sense.

Let’s talk about your project.

Your backyard deserves a new life. And you should get a chance to enjoy it.