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Our Process

We put our 70 years of experience behind everything we design, build, restore, and maintain. Hiring Ike’s, you can rest assured that everything, from start to finish, is done by experts who take pride in setting the standards in luxury pool design and backyard living. We deliver on our promise by following a meticulous process.



It all starts with your personal desire to create something beautiful, enhance your lifestyle, and elevate the aesthetics, function and value of your home life. Have some ideas? Let’s collaborate.



Our design team will meet with you and ask questions to understand your needs, wants, and vision. As members of The Society of Watershape Designers®, we are skilled in advanced multi-dimensional design and construction. We’ll craft an outdoor living space that serves as both an escape and a place to entertain.



Upon your approval of the design we draw up an agreement, project scope, and timeline. Our project managers submit all of the required documents to the local municipality for approval. Once the permit is approved, we will set up the schedule for the building or renovation process. We also make a pre-construction visit to see if any fencing, landscaping or obstructions will need to be removed to allow access the site.



Our experts will meticulously layout the entire job site to make sure we have exact measurements. After we have double-checked all measurements, we begin the demolition and excavation of the existing site. Once the rubble is removed, we bring in components for the new pool and begin plumbing work underneath the future pool for main drains.


Steel Structure

We begin by forming and framing the steel structure that will support the materials to come. Our team starts with any necessary pre-plumbing that needs to be installed, such as light niches and spa jets. Upon completion, we initiate necessary inspections and obtain city approval.


Shotcrete (Gunite)

We mostly use Gunite for the main pool structure, which typically takes a day to set. Of course we make sure the area is properly prepped and cleaned so there is absolutely no concrete residual left around the construction area. After the 1-2 day drying period, forms are stripped and pool shell is backfilled, water-jetted, compacted, and graded.


Plumbing & Electrical

This stage starts with measuring and double-checking the measurements for all pipes and wires to be laid out. Then we excavate plumbing trenches and install the pipes. We test and retest the pipes for leaks, pressure and make sure they are working perfectly. After city approval, accessories are installed. All trenches are then filled and sodded. At this time shade structures are also installed.


Tile & Coping

Our surface material professionals start by preparing the pool with all the necessary cement work and waterproofing. Then the tile, stone, mosaics, and coping is installed. The time dedicated to this stage depends on the complexity of the approved design.


Deck Layout

After the layout of the surrounding deck is measured and framed, we begin with water washing, compacting, and ground leveling for deck and paver installation. This is usually a 1-2 day process, maybe more depending on several factors such as if there are concrete decks, screen footers or retaining walls. Decks may also require inspections by the municipality.


Pool Equipment

Once the deck is complete, installing the on-surface pool equipment is next. The equipment is laid out, then all necessary pump, filters, heaters, salt systems, etc. are installed throughout the property. Upon completion, an electrician wires all components to the property’s main electrical panel.


Plaster Preparation

We clean and prep the job site and grade the property back to code before the plaster installation. Once property is graded, the fence or screen can be installed. All barriers, alarms, and baby fence are installed per code. Then we call for the Safety Act inspections with the local municipality. Once passed inspection, the pool plaster can be scheduled.


Pool Plaster

With all inspections passed, the pool plaster can finally be installed. The complete plastering process may take up to two days to complete. Once completed, pool will be filled through a filter system supplied by the house water source.



Once pool is filled, we’ll start testing all equipment to make sure everything is operational. We return to the property multiple times during the week to make sure all the equipment is programmed correctly and running properly. We also set up an appointment for our “Pool School” orientation to go over all equipment, programming, features, controls, warranty and maintenance guidelines.



This is the time to throw a pool party like you mean it or simply immerse yourself in your new beautiful outdoor living space.

Let’s talk about your project.

One-of-a-kind pools are not built and serviced in haste. We only know one way of doing things … the right way.