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Pool Maintenance & Service | South Florida Pool Cleaning


Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Investing in an advanced monthly pool service can prolong the life of your pool and save money long-term. Who better to service your pool than the company that devised water testing, analysis and treatment innovation in the 1950’s. And we’re still at the forefront of equipment maintenance and service. Our professional, highly trained staff will consistently deliver excellent service and thorough explanations of any work performed.


Our technicians are trained, certified, and continuously educated by experts who set the standards for best industry practices, the most advanced technologies, and aquatic warranty specifications.


Our company offers a full range of services, for all sizes and types of pools. You can choose from weekly and multi-weekly maintenance plans for all kinds of commercial and residential aquatic structures. During each visit the service technician provides a full chemistry analysis, checks all equipment, and does minor repairs as necessary. For bigger repairs see below.


As a licensed and certified pool contractor, we repair pool pumps, filter systems, timers, automation, saltwater chlorinators, vacuums, heaters, lights, and all other equipment needed to keep your pool clean, healthy and beautiful. You can rely on our team of certified and trained repair professionals to keep your pool operating properly and efficiently.


Every cleaning session ensures your pool shines by balancing pool chemistry, brushing tiles and finishes, as well as vacuuming pools and spas. We take extreme pride in the crystal clear water of the pools maintained by Ike’s.

Pool Maintenance & Service | South Florida Pool Cleaning

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