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Ike’s Is a Qualified Jandy Pool Professional Dealer

Ike’s is a Qualified Jandy Pool Professional Dealer

Ike’s Carter Pool Companies has been in business for 70-years.  Over that time we’ve collected a lot of knowledge about designing and building pools including which companies make the best pool equipment. So if we decide to become an authorized dealer for a pool equipment company, you can be darn sure that it’s one of the best in the industry. That is why Ike’s chose to become a Jandy Pro-Edge Premium Builder and qualified pool professional dealer in South Florida.

Like Ike’s, Jandy has a heritage of innovation and excellence. The company’s products are some of the most technologically advanced, energy-efficient, durable, and reliable in the pool and spa industry. We also share similar corporate values by putting our customer’s best interests first.

What Pool Products Does Jandy Sell?

Our clients spend a lot of money on the design and construction of their pools.  That is why we will only represent and install pool equipment that we know to be highly rated for performance and energy efficiency. Jandy offers some of the best products available including:

  • Pool Pumps: the ePump is a best seller and the quietest and most efficient.
  • Pool Filters: the Pro Series CV Filter is one of the biggest cartridges available and provides the clearest water possible.
  • Water Sanitizers: TruClear Salt System and AquaPure salt-water chlorine sanitizing systems are state-of-the-art and easy to maintain.
  • Pool Valves: the best in the industry over the last 30-years and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Water Features: Increase the enjoyment of your pool with the soothing sound and shimmer of streaming waterfalls.
  • Pool Lights: in-ground pool and spa lights not only provide safety, but also allow you to customize the aesthetic experience to your taste.
  • Pool & Spa Automation Systems: control up to 32 pool/spa features through the app and a web-connected smart device.

Why You Should Only Hire Ike’s for Jandy Products

Here are some important reasons why you should only hire an authorized Jandy Dealer like Ike’s to install and maintain your Jandy pool equipment:

  • Ike’s has the necessary technical experience to prescribe and install the right equipment based on your pool’s needs.
  • We’re familiar with the local codes, guidelines and environmental conditions that affect your pool.
  • Our team has been properly trained and authorized to work with electrical, gas and hydraulic connections.
  • Jandy will not honor its Limited Warranty if the equipment is not purchased, installed and/or serviced by an authorized dealer like Ike.

Best Warranty and Customer Service

As if you need another reason why we prefer to use Jandy products, we have one more.  They offer top-notch customer service, which enables us to do the same for our clients throughout South Florida. Like Ike, Jandy is always willing to go above and beyond to help make sure customers receive the best service and warranty in the industry. They stand behind the quality and performance of their products.

We lose out on pool project bids based on price. We’re neither the highest nor the lowest. There’s a simple reason … we refuse to use cheap pool equipment. Other pool companies take advantage of customers who do not know the highly rated brands or sizes of pool pumps or filter. We put our head on the pillow at night knowing that the pool equipment we represent, install and maintain is the best. No cutting corners.