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Our Story

The Beginning

Incorporated in 1949 as Carter Construction, we are still crafting the luxury pools for the future and winning global design awards.


Carter Construction started as one of the founders of South Florida pool industry.


A young marine engineer, Bjarne “Ike” Eikevik, invented a new and advanced pool testing service based on Professor Langelier’s saturation index.


Eikevik purchases Carter Construction and develops new ways to keep pool water clean. He also becomes an innovator of South Florida’s pool design.


Ike devises another water treatment innovation by developing a new pool chemical know as “Ultrascreen.”


Ike’s builds the first full-service pool center in the Broward County, offering pool chemicals, equipment, water analysis, and maintenance.


Ike’s service center gets renovated and doubles in size.


Ike’s introduces more innovations in pool design: Use of marble imported from Ike’s native Norway. Implementation of multi-colored tiles. New type of pool coping: Double Bullnose Brick which is safer and softer.


The company introduces new technology utilizing remote controls to operate pool filters and spa operations.


Ike’s Carter Pool Companies reaches 40-year milestone.


While many companies require service and repair staff to use their own vehicles, Ike’s provides trucks for every technician. Ike’s fleet of 22 (and growing) white-and-blue branded trucks is easy to spot on the roads of South Florida.


Ike’s introduces industry leading pool equipment package, with larger hydraulics, pump and filter, lifetime warranty valves. The new package allows for a lower maintenance, higher efficiency and enjoyable pool owner experience.


All Ike’s service managers become CPOs (certified pool operators) exceeding the state requirement for a single license holder per company. Ike’s provides continuous education for managers and staff to assure higher quality standards for their services.


The company upgrades all of its computers and software to meet the Y2K challenges and enhances customer service


Ike’s shares ownership with the company managers, enhancing their relationship with customers and employees. This change reinforces Ike’s commitment to provide “the service you want from the people you know.”


Ike’s takes safety to another level. While Building a pool for a Florida State House Representative, Ike’s helps lobby other legislators to pass the now famous Swimming Pool Safety Act, which promoted the passing of federal Code Inc VBG and other national safety codes for child safety requirements. Ike’s becomes one of the first companies to use double main drains on all new pools – five years before it become code requirement.


Ike’s equips all field associates with cell phones as continuing commitment to high quality customer service.


GPS tracking introduced to Ike’s fleet, allowing for higher efficiency, accountability, and even better customer service.


As the world faced a recession, Ike’s increases its construction warranties to provide piece of mind to all customers.


Ike’s becomes a GENESIS university in association with the Society of Watershape Designers (SWD). This allows the company to further grow its reputation as a leading pool designer and builder in South Florida.


Ike’s opens new location, enhancing its ability for faster deployment of crews and improving customer service.


Ike’s continues to win design awards as well as the coveted Pool Tech of the Year prize. The company also complets the GENESIS SWD certification as one of a few companies in the country with this distinguishing honor.


Ike’s celebrates 70 years in business, making the pool company one of the oldest in the country. With the proof of seven decades of business, Ike’s customers can rely on unmatched consistency of service and dedication to quality for generations to come!

Past Awards

Award winning pools in 1965, 1966, and 1967

National Spa and Pool Institute Design Award in 1984, 1985, and 1988

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