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We are constantly evolving and sharing our vision of contemporary aquatic exterior design and construction.

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Create Your Own Oasis


Exciting Aquatic Exteriors

For the last 70-years, we’ve been crafting one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces designed to escape and entertain. Homeowners throughout Broward County covet our distinctive pools and backyards because they recognize that great aquatic exteriors enhance the value of home life. Take a look at our work and imagine what we can build together.


We are a third-generation company transformed for the 21st century. Our expert new pool and renovation construction teams bring a fresh perspective to fuse water and stone with the surrounding landscape.

If you’re looking for excellence in character and craft, you will like Ike. As the first full-service pool company in South Florida, we’ve weathered every major storm and economic downturn.

Members of The Society of Watershape Designers,® the certification program for swimming pool architecture, we are skilled in advanced multi-dimensional design, construction and renovation.

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