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Infinity Pools Require Precision To Give You That Edge

An infinity pool is a reflecting or swimming pool and typically have one or more exposed walls built a fraction of an inch shorter than the water level, so water overflows into a catch basin below. From there, water is pumped back up to the pool to create a continuous overflow. Infinity pools are designed without a visible cap. At the deck level, there’s no coping, pavers, or decking – to draw greater attention to the pool’s edge. With no swim current, infinity edge pools can create a stunning optical illusion of water extending ‘infinitely’ to the horizon.

Infinity Edge Pool Design Trends

Infinity edge pools are often seen at resort hotels, however, they continue to grow in popularity among South Florida homeowners. There’s some debate about where the first infinity pool came from. Some historians say they date back to the early 1600s at the Palace of Versailles in France where recirculating fountains with water spilling over the edge into basins were the precursors to today’s infinity pools. U.S. architect, John Lautner, has been credited as one of the first to design a residential infinity pool in the 1960s. The home and pool were featured in the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever.

Types of Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity edge pools go by different names like “Infinity Pool”, “Vanishing Edge Pool”, “Negative Edge Pool”, “Perimeter Overflow Pools”, “European Edge Pool” or a “360 Spillover Pool”.  However, there are some differences among them.

The standard infinity edge pool is typically two pools (one above the other) and is an engineering feat that requires architects, engineers and an experienced pool builder like Ike’s Carter Pools to implement. Water flows down to a lower level and (depending on how steep a waterfall’s slope is) is captured in a lower pool, which then overflows again as more volume cascades down from the top. This is why you see infinity edge pools at high-end resorts or hotels that can afford the installation and maintenance.

The more popular and less expensive alternative for South Florida homeowners is the vanishing edge pool. Ike’s Carter Pools can incorporate a vanishing edge into almost any pool to create the look and feel you desire.

Hiring an Experienced Infinity Pool Company

If you are interested in a vanishing edge pool to enhance the landscape of your backyard, you should do your homework. Not all pool builders have the experience or knowledge to build vanishing edge pools the right way. There are plenty of pool contractors that look for ways to cut corners to win your business on price. We receive too many calls to fix mistakes made by other pool companies. Here are some vanishing pool functions and features we discuss with our clients:

  • Pumps: Vanishing pool contractors need to know their pumps. Cheap pumps, wrong size pumps or incorrectly installed pumps all negatively impact the recirculation of water back to the main pool.
  • Basins: You need to build a large enough basin or trough for water surge as more people use the pool at the same time (think of dropping ice cubes in a full glass of water). We want to avoid erosion around the basin.
  • Waterproofing: We make sure that our vanishing edges and basins are both waterproofed correctly so calcium does not bleed through the wall.
  • Waterfall effect: We’ll show you some really cool options like water running down the back of the vanishing edge wall that keeps it wet all the time (like a wet wall) or like a sheet of water.
  • Lighting: We can add lighting underneath the vanishing edge, which looks amazing at night.

What Does an Infinity Edge Pool Cost?

The basin and recirculation systems in an infinity pool add a degree of design and construction difficulty and expense compared to traditional swimming pool. To prevent pool water from flowing in the wrong direction, we need to build a vacuum basin, plus add special filtration system to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the pool’s edge. One vanishing edge will add approximately 20-30 percent to the cost of an in-ground pool. Costs will be more if you want pool water to overflow on two or more sides of the pool’s perimeter.

Infinity Pool Maintenance Services

Since infinity pool technology is more complicated than traditional pools, there is more equipment to maintain. For starters, the water catchment basin is an additional area to clean. The filtration and water pump needs to be monitored to avoid clogs and maintain water recirculation. As an authority on infinity edge pool maintenance services, we recommend having one of Ike’s certified technicians keep your infinity edge pool running smoothly year-round. Please call our office if you would like additional information about having an infinity edge pool designed and installed, or if you would like more information about Ike’s monthly infinity pool cleaning and maintenance services.