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South Florida Pool Builder Salt Water Pool Benefits

The Benefits of a Salt Water Pool in South Florida

Salt systems are growing in popularity among South Florida homeowners.  When salt systems were first introduced to South Florida the early 90’s, the manufacturers pitched that they were safer to swim in, made the water softer on your skin, and best of all – a lot less chlorine! Liquid chlorine is a grade of bleach you are adding to your pool and with it comes irritated eyes and skin. In addition, no one enjoys lugging heavy jugs of chlorine from the car to the back yard. Here are some of the benefits of salt water systems that seem to be driving their popularity.

Safer Than Chlorine: In tablet or liquid form, chlorine can be dangerous to store and handle. While salt water systems still produce chlorine, the levels are generally lower with a salt generator. People who are sensitive to chlorine often report fewer eye and skin irritations when using salt water pools.

Soft Water Feel: If you drank water from a water softener, you know that the addition of salt makes water feel smoother. Most people prefer this to the sometimes-abrasive feel of chlorinated water.

Easier Maintenance: Without a salt system, a pool service technician would have to add bleach to your pool once per week.  So, let’s say they add the bleach on a Tuesday and then it rains for 2-3 days straight (something that happens frequently in South Florida). This can significantly dilute the chlorine levels leading to cloudier pools and the potential for algae. With a salt water system, there is a chlorinator always making chlorine even when it rains. The chlorinator keeps your pool clear and safe to swim in. No fuss.

Background on Salt Water Pool Systems

Despite the name, salt water pools isn’t nearly as salty as sea water. The salt level or Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) in the Atlantic Ocean is about 10x the TDS in a salt water pool so you barely notice it while you are in there. But, let’s be clear. Salt water pools are not chlorine free. Rather, these systems create their own chlorine using salt through a process called electrolysis. The real difference is that you don’t have to add chlorine directly to the water.

Salt Water Pool Costs and Maintenance

About 99% of Ike’s Carter Pools new pool construction are built with salt systems. Salt systems can cost anywhere between $1400 and $2000 installed by a licensed contractor. In addition, salt systems need to be cleaned one to two times per year. We recommend having one of Ike’s certified technicians perform the maintenance in order to keep the cell where the chlorine is produced clean and free of calcium. Service companies will charge a service call to come out and clean the salt system cell. We offer a pool cleaning program called Salt Maintenance that provides customers an affordable and carefree service experience. For one annual fee, customers enrolled in Salt Maintenance get free salt and we clean the cell of their salt water pool system as many times as needed without the additional service call cost. In addition, Salt Maintenance customers receive a discount on any out of warranty repairs on their pool’s salt water system. Please call our office if you would like additional information about having a salt water pool system installed or if you would like more information about Ike’s monthly pool cleaning and maintenance services.